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In addition to Kailen’s life changing experience working alongside Oprah Winfrey and BBC Worldwide, launching “Lovetown USA”, an award winning series seen around the globe from the U.S. to South Africa. This show was the largest and most successful love experiment in television history, teaching the world about the true power of love. Kailen has since spent this last year bringing even more love and her passion to E! Network’s Stewarts & Hamiltons, and Hollywood’s royal and very real family, The Kardashians.

From Kailen’s first appearance on CNN in 1997, to the Today Show, Oprah Winfrey, and Kailen’s first book through Simon & Schuster, to the Golden Globes and Oscars, Kailen Rosenberg has become renowned for teaching “love on a higher level”. Kailen Rosenberg is called the “guardian angel of love” by some of the world’s top celebrities and world change-makers. Kailen has been featured as a regular guest on more than 500 print, on-line, radio and television interviews. Media all over the world from the Today Show, Good Moring America, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Fitness, Marie Claire, Redbook, Playboy, Self,, the Oprah Winfrey Network, BBC Worldwide, E4, The Huffington Post, Daily Mail, The International Business Times, The World Financial Times, and more, feature relationship expert Kailen Rosenberg’s passionate, innate and intuitive advice. Her expertise in love, dating, and marriage, and her unique ability to diagnose the love lives of her clients, place her in constant demand, especially among the elite.

Reviews on Kailen Rosenberg and The Love Architects

Hear what people from around the world have to say about Kailen Rosenberg and The Love Architects!

– Publisher’s Weekly

”Rosenberg’s theories are astute and illuminating.”

– Al Roker

“Always great advice.”

– Keith Ablow, MD Psychiatrist, Fox News Medical A-Team, and New York Times bestselling author

“It’s no secret that Kailen Rosenberg knows the secrets of love. Now she shares them with everyone.”

– Rose Marie, Executive – Human Resources

“LIFE CHANGING! I would highly recommend the Love Architects to anyone who is looking for the reason(s) they haven’t found their soul mate. I found Kailen’s book when I was at Barnes and Noble and couldn’t be more grateful. I had NO idea she lived here in Minnesota and when I found out, I called her firm and scheduled their love design assessment the very next day! Where had she been all my life!! I am not in a relationship, yet. However, I have met some really great men! Yes, GOOD men DO exist and it is clear through each man that I’ve met that the girls at the firm do their homework!! Right now, I have the BEST relationship I’ve ever had, with myself. So I’m going to just take my time and enjoy the process. Kailen warns me not to treat my experience “like a kid in a candy store”, haha! Bottom line, there’s no more second-guessing myself when it comes to the kind of men I deserve and CAN have. I owe the love that’s coming, whether through her company or not, to Kailen Rosenberg and her wonderful staff of caring, professional and compassionate women.”

– Sincerely, Gary. Professor of Psychology

“Dear Kailen and The Love Architects, Thank you for 14 years of love, as you say Kailen, “real love”. Regardless of a rough start, I know nothing is ever perfect; I am happy and proud to say that Marla and I have just celebrated our fourteenth wedding anniversary. I remember telling you after my late wife passed, that I didn’t think I could ever love in the same way again. While that might be accurate in some ways, Marla is truly my best friend and the love of my life, and I’m so incredibly grateful that she is my wife. Thank you for encouraging me to stay on course with you when there were definite times of doubt. If I hadn’t I would never have met Marla. So, yes, as you have asked, I whole heartedly recommend you to anyone who is single and looking for love in their life. It is clear that you personally care very much for your clients achievement in love, letting very little slip through the cracks when it comes to each person’s part in the love they desire. I have and will continue to recommend you and your service to everyone I know. Congratulations on all of your success. I’m not at all surprised.”

“Kailen Rosenberg is a relentless champion of romance and the potential of the human soul.”

– Michael Cohen – “In Touch” Magazine

“Kailen is one-of-a-kind… This I’ve witnessed, as she gives celebrity clients real-life advice that brings them to a place of truth and renewal.”

– Alana Stewart, actress, television host, and New York Times bestselling author

“Kailen is truly committed to helping people make the kind of changes that bring a new sense of self, and ultimately their soul mate. What more could we all want?”

– Elizabeth and Paul

“Being an educated, 6′, blonde, former model, living as a single mom, working hard to give my precious son the best life, I found it hard to meet great men with the right intentions and similar values. To my surprise the first man I was introduced to became my husband! Our first date lasted six hours and I was totally taken by his drive, intellect and smile! We have now been married almost four years, we have a beautiful daughter together and he has adopted my, now ‘our’, son! The passion and integrity I was given by Kailen and her company was insurmountable. What a blessing! Thank you again… “

– Lois

“As an International Women’s Rights consultant in some 20 countries, a delegate to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, an International Liaison for the Coalition, a widow, and a mother of five grown children, I would only entrust my private relationship issues, and those of my friends, to the extraordinary matching service of highest standards and performance. Kailen Rosenberg is of the highest level in all criteria. I have seen her work and her success over the years, and believe in her unique talents, sensitivity and compassion, and solid success in bringing soul mates together. Kai-len Love and Life Architects is not a dating service. It is true matchmaking. Through my experience as a client with Kailen I have learned that she is truly committed to finding me a life partner, not just a date.”

– Nicollette

“Kailen has been a great source of information and inspiration not just for me, but for my whole family. As a family that wrestles with addiction issues, she has helped to bring clarity and perspective to an issue that has been fraught with anger and confusion. She has a “sixth sense” – great intuition when it comes to people, and she is able to translate that into an action plan. For me personally, that meant being able to lose 52 pounds, develop a much more physical life, understand my body and my mind when it comes to food, and ultimately, to create the life for myself that I wanted. (And, oh yes, meet a wonderful man who loved me for exactly who I am…) She has helped me change my life in many important ways, for which I will always be extremely grateful!!!”

– Jacie Doerschuk, co-host of “The Relationship Workshop with Jacie & Jeep” on SiriusXM 128 with Jacie & Jeep

“Real Love, Right Now is a must read for all married people. Every committed couple should have a copy on their nightstand.”

– L. N.

“Reading Kailen’s book and working with her, working through my past “stuff,” has been emotionally challenging but also liberating and life changing. I’ve gained insight into why I wasn’t attracting a loving relationship into my life. Things I thought I’d dealt with were keeping me stuck, things I really didn’t want to talk about anymore! But Kailen lovingly persisted. It’s not always easy to hear what Kailen has to say but she’s a master at saying it with love. Kailen and her staff have been authentic, supportive, professional, and above all, caring. Bottom line: my experience with Kailen has been amazing!”

– John K., Attorney

“Kailen and The Love Architects went above and beyond my expectations. When I first arrived at the company I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had already interviewed with other matchmaking companies in the cities and found them to be a waste of time and a lot of ‘talk’. I also didn’t care for the stealth slam toward other services. Not professional in my opinion. I was most impressed with Kailen Rosenberg and her sincere and clearly heartfelt ‘interrogation’ of me. Jk. Although I warn you if you’re not ready to as Kailen says, “get really real”, it might be somewhat painful and yet extremely eye opening. Her interview, especially her clearly perceptive and experienced insight into me as a person is what sold me the most. She was not about to allow me to get away with staying on a path that wasn’t working for me. She clearly was not just some sales driven high-end matchmaker. I was also impressed although not interested, that she and her staff happily offered other names of companies they would recommend after expressing my shock for a moment at the price of their services. They were clearly confident in their offering, and now I know why. Since joining, I have experienced a completely different sense of who I am and what I was doing wrong when it came to dating and women. I’m now in a fantastic relationship with a wonderful gal whom they introduced me to and I couldn’t be happier. I had tried other dating and matchmaking services here in the cities with great disappointment and know without a doubt that no other service compares to the level of sincere approach, personal care and professionalism as Kailen and her company. Not to mention the women and matching are TOP NOTCH. I would highly recommend the Love Architects to anyone. Just be prepared for the price tag. However, I now believe in this case, you get what you pay for.”

– B.D and “the soon to be” L.D “Change Maker”

“To Whom It May Concern: Hat’s off to Kailen Rosenberg and her energizing, “get real”, straight talk, and impressively “connected” love biz! What an inspiring woman, to say the very least. The REAL DEAL. Because I am a man who is well known, with a family name and reputation to uphold, I wasn’t about to waste my time, or money, on a service that came off during the interviewing process like ordering a cheeseburger from McDonalds. I much prefer Per Se. I wanted the best and I got it. Kailen assured me of her extensive network of upscale singles and she put her money where her mouth is. Regardless, it was the best money, and the most enjoyable investment I’ve made in a long time, other than my recent automobile purchase. Thank you Morrie’s! Thank you Kailen for introducing me to Lauri, the sexiest and most intelligent woman I’ve ever met, who “lucky me”, is about to become my wife. Cheers!”

– Sincerely, W.T., CEO

“I am now very happy to recommend Kailen Rosenberg and her team at the Love Architects. They have been professional, caring and gracious with me while going through some pretty rough patches. Putting it mildly, this would have been a letter of complaint had my prior matchmaker not left the company. I understood that no process is perfect, but the experience with my former matchmaker, compared to now, has been night and day. Regardless, Kailen personally called me, when she could have easily had one of her employees do so, and very graciously took me under her wing. I never could have afforded the chance to work with Kailen, as she was way out of my price range for what I was able to invest. Regardless, I’m glad the last woman is no longer with the firm, because her matches were horrible and her response time getting back to me was awful. And, I got Kailen in her place! Since working with Kailen the men I’ve met have been really great. In fact, I’m dating a really nice man right now. We’ll see what happens. Nutshell, rough start, great midterm.”

– Christine Clayburg – “Desperate Housewives”/Fox 9 News

“Genuine, genuine, genuine! They could use her on Wisteria Lane…

“Kailen teaches us how to love ourselves, open our hearts, and therefore attract true love into our lives. A truly enlightening book that is a must-read for anyone seeking their soul mate.”

– Phillip

“Prospective clients should know that Kailen is not merely a nexus for high quality people with common interests and lifestyles to meet, as assured as that aspect of her services is; she is also a confidant, coach and partner along the way. Integrity, health, growth, success and happiness are defining characteristics of what Kailen is about. She is the consummate professional when it comes to matters of the heart. My confidence in her could not be higher.”

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