The Love Radar

The Power Of Love!

The Love Radar™ is a first of its kind, social media tracker (via Twitter), designed by Love Architect Kailen Rosenberg after her experience on the award-winning series LovetownUSA, on the Oprah Winfrey Network. During her time filming, Kailen’s life changed, as she witnessed a healing transformation in an entire town, and with hundreds of people, unlike anything she had ever experienced before, in just 30 days.  The healing began with one simple word and wish, love. The Love Radar was built to show us all, in ‘real time’, the enormous power of our words, especially when it comes to Love vs hate.  Watch the Love Radar, and witness how your thoughts and words impact our world today. Together, we have the power to heal our world. Let’s do it!  Join the positive force of love and become part of a love revolution! #BeLove

You’ve seen The Love Radar and the power of just one word. By joining the #WORLDLOVECHAIN, you are making a pledge to help raise awareness of the affects of online negativity and to spread love world-wide. No more hate, no more bullying. Only love.  Be the solution. Join today with a tweet!