“Internationally Acclaimed Relationship Expert, Renowned for Teaching ‘Love on a Higher Level’; This Elite Matchmaker is on a Global Mission to Turn the Entire Dating Industry and the World, Upside Down, When it Comes to Finding and Experiencing Love.”

– Publisher’s Weekly

”Rosenberg’s theories are astute and illuminating.”

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The Lodge, and The Lodge Club Room, are a first of it’s kind, online and brick-and-mortor ‘members only’ social club, for successful singles who are ready for real love.

A place that is intelligent, warm and inviting. A sophisticated space to be your true self, to connect with integrity, with others. Vetted by the world’s foremost elite matchmaker, Kailen Rosenberg; Come join thousands of evolved and successful, singles from around the globe, who are all  on a quest to bring love to the rest of the world.

Read the book that brings REAL love to those both married and single around the globe.


“See why millions from around the globe are falling in love with Kailen Rosenberg and her eye-opening, philanthropic, on-line dating experience, ‘The Lodge’. Finally,  an intelligent place to find real love.”

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It’s Not Just Simply Matchmaking, It’s Love Making…Together, we have the power to make this world a better place, by the way we love. 

When it comes to investing in your love life, who you meet, fall in love with and potentially marry, is a bigger deal than you think. It not only affects your life happiness; It ultimately affects our planet. Our energy as a society, happy, unhappy, loving or hateful, is felt worldwide; we see it everyday all over the news. It is vital that our personal, and romantic relationships, are based on a genuine, healthy sense of self, true values, soulful connection, and most importantly, a true readiness for a healthy, vibrant, loving relationship. Bottom line, most have never experienced anything near that. It’s crucial to know and honor who you are at your most authentic core, especially ‘what’ you deserve when it comes to love. Now let’s go find, be, and have what you deserve!

With love and peace, Kailen Rosenberg